Feeding Baby Chicks Since 1985


Pat Awalt in 1985 with the original Chickmate

The origin of the Chickmate® company stemmed from an idea by a progressive thinking, young farmer, Pat Awalt. The idea was conceived while he was at work in his own poultry houses in 1984, when he noticed a crack in the feed line and saw feed dropping onto the floor. He saw a necessity to develop a more efficient method of feeding baby chickens and invented a baby chick feed dispenser that "automatically" feeds the young birds.

Manufactured from high-quality plastics, the Chickmate® allows you to gauge the amount of feed desired into your feed trays or poultry paper. Once the chicks are large enough to eat from your existing feeders, all Chickmate® Baby Chick Feed Dispensers easily swivel 360 degrees to shut off feed flow.

Chickmate® Baby Chick Feed Dispensers will adapt to virtually any existing feed line. Easily installed, the Chickmate® allows more chicks to feed, increasing weight gain and reducing feed waste. All models will save you time, money and labor, while feeding your chicks automatically.

Over the last 30 years, 7 models of feed dispensers and 3 feed pan models have been designed and distributed worldwide. The products are manufactured and distributed from the company's facility in Buchanan, Georgia. Chickmate® continually strives to provide effective, affordable means of meeting the needs of the poultry industry.

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About Us

Family owned and operated since 1985, Chickmate manufactures and distributes the Original Baby Chick Feed Dispenser. Our feed dispensers are easily installed allowing more chicks to feed, increasing weight gain and reducing feed waste; saving you time, money, and labor. Our products are proudly made in the USA and available for purchase by growers through our network of knowledgeable distributors.
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